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A primitive root mod n n n is an integer g g g such that every integer relatively prime to n n n is congruent to a power of g g g mod n n n. That is, the integer g g g is a primitive root (mod n n n) if for every number a a a relatively prime to n n n there is an integer z z z such that a ≡ (g z (m o d n)). a \equiv \big(g^z \pmod{n}\big). a ≡ (g z (m o d n)) Primitive Root. A primitive root of a prime is an integer such that (mod ) has multiplicative order (Ribenboim 1996, p. 22). More generally, if ( and are relatively prime) and is of multiplicative order modulo where is the totient function, then is a primitive root of (Burton 1989, p. 187) Primitive root modulo n Elementary example. Here we see that the period of 3 k modulo 7 is 6. The remainders in the period, which are 3, 2, 6,... Definition. And then, Euler's theorem says that aφ(n) ≡ 1 (mod n) for every a coprime to n; the lowest power of a that... Examples. The order of 1 is 1,.

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Primitive root Definition. Suppose is a natural number such that the multiplicative group modulo , i.e., the group , is a cyclic group. Particular cases. For an odd prime , any number that is a primitive root modulo continues to be a primitive root modulo... Relation with other properties. Smallest. the number of primitive roots mod mis exactly ˚(˚(m)) - if there's at least one. In particular, if m= a prime, then number of primitive roots is ˚(p 1). Conjecture 37 (Artin's Conjecture) $\begingroup$ Primitive roots are generators of the multiplicative group of integers modulo $n$, which is useful in proofs. Moreover primitive roots are difficult to compute in some groups, and cryptography takes advantage of this difficulty $\endgroup$ - Christopher Sep 1 '15 at 17:4 The primitive root of the celebration is [...] centered in which the light does not disappear in the longest day of the year, replacing with the fire the sun so that this one does not die The primitive root of a prime number n is an integer r between [1, n-1] such that the values of r^x (mod n) where x is in the range [0, n-2] are different. Return -1 if n is a non-prime number

Beispiel. Die Zahl 3 ist eine Primitivwurzel modulo 7, da gilt Es lassen sich also alle Elemente , der primen Restklassengruppe modulo 7 als Potenzen von 3 darstellen, wobei der Exponent der dem jeweiligen Element zugeordnete Index (diskreter Logarithmus) ist.Die Zahl 2 ist keine Primitivwurzel modulo 7, da = ist, daher wiederholen sich die Reste in der Folge der Potenzen von 2 modulo Primitive root of unity A primitive root of unity of order m in a field K is an element ζ of K such that ζ m = 1 and ζ r ≠ 1 for any positive integer r < m. The element ζ generates the cyclic group μ m of roots of unity of order m We now show that all integers of the form m = 2ps have primitive roots. Consider a prime p ≠ 2 and let s is a positive integer, then 2ps has a primitive root. In fact, if r is an odd primitive root modulo ps, then it is also a primitive root modulo 2ps but if r is even, r + ps is a primitive root modulo 2ps

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Example 3.2 Primitive Roots. Consider the simple generator x i +1 = ax i mod 13. What values of a produce a full-cycle generator? For such a prime modulus generator all primitive roots produce full cycles. Thus, first find a small primitive root, i.e., find an a such that the smallest integer k that satisfies a k mod 13 = 1 is k = m - 1 = 12 PRIMITIVE ROOTS {NUMBER THEORY} | How to find primitive roots | primitive roots with examples - YouTube This video shows you the method to look for the primitive roots which are useful in to be used in cryptosystem of Discrete Logarithm In modular arithmetic, a number g is called a primitive root modulo n if every number coprime to n is congruent to a power of g modulo n. Mathematically, g is a primitive root modulo n if and only if for any integer a such that gcd (a, n) = 1, there exists an integer k such that: g k ≡ a (mod n) Primitive roots modulo 5 are 2 and 3. Recommended: Please try your approach on first, before moving on to the solution. Approach: There is always at least one primitive root for all primes. So, using Eulers totient function we can say that f(p-1) is the required answer where f(n) is euler totient function. Below is the implementation of the above approach: C++ // CPP program to find the number.

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Kostenlose Lieferung möglic If g is a primitive root of m, then g k is a primitive root of m if and only if gcd ⁡ (k, ϕ ⁢ (m)) = 1. 5. If m has a primitive root then m has exactly ϕ ⁢ (ϕ ⁢ (m)) incongruent primitive roots. Title: properties of primitive roots: Canonical name: PropertiesOfPrimitiveRoots: Date of creation: 2013-03-22 16:20:47: Last modified on: 2013-03-22 16:20:47: Owner: alozano (2414) Last.

5: Primitive Roots and Quadratic Residues. In this chapter, we discuss the multiplicative structure of the integers modulo n. We introduce the concept of the order of integer modulo n and then we study its properties. We then define primitive roots modulo n and show how to determine whether an integer is primitive modulo n or not Noun []. primitive root (plural primitive roots) (mathematics, number theory) For a given modulus n, a number g such that for every a coprime to n there exists an integer k such that g k ≡ a (mod n); a generator (or primitive element) of the multiplicative group, modulo n, of integers relatively prime to n.1941, Derrick Henry Lehmer, Guide to Tables in the Theory of Numbers, National. Primitive Root Calculato primitive root of 7. Extended Keyboard; Upload; Examples; Random; Compute answers using Wolfram's breakthrough technology & knowledgebase, relied on by millions of students & professionals. For math, science, nutrition, history, geography, engineering, mathematics, linguistics, sports, finance, music Wolfram|Alpha brings expert-level knowledge and capabilities to the broadest possible range. Primitive Roots Tribal Art Gallery : 100% Online. Votre galerie d'Art Premier Africain (Masques, Statues, Armes, Bronzes africains

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  1. A primitive root modulo nis an integer gwith gcd(g;n) = 1 such that ghas order ˚(n). Then a primitive root mod nexists if and only if n= 2, n= 4, n= pk or n= 2pk, where pis an odd prime. Exercise 3.6. Show that primitive roots don't exist modulo any number of the form pqfor distinct odd primes p, q. (Use the Chinese Remainder Theorem to show that xlcm(p 1;q 1) 1 for suitable x). You are.
  2. I'm using the following code for finding primitive roots modulo n in Python:. Code: def gcd(a,b): while b != 0: a, b = b, a % b return a def primRoots(modulo): roots = [] required_set = set(num for num in range (1, modulo) if gcd(num, modulo) == 1) for g in range(1, modulo): actual_set = set(pow(g, powers) % modulo for powers in range (1, modulo)) if required_set == actual_set: roots.append(g.
  3. Primitive Root of Unity. A number is an th root of unity if and a primitive th root of unity if, in addition, is the smallest integer of for which . SEE ALSO: Principal Root of Unity, Root of Unity. REFERENCES: Nagell, T. Introduction to Number Theory. New York: Wiley, p. 157, 1951. Referenced on Wolfram|Alpha: Primitive Root of Unity. CITE THIS AS: Weisstein, Eric W. Primitive Root of.
  4. THE PRIMITIVE ROOT THEOREM MATH 336, KEN BROWN The proof of the primitive root theorem (Section 23A, p. 348) is hard to read because it relies on Section 9F, which we skipped. This handout gives a self-contained proof. We begin with some examples to illustrate the ideas. Example 1. You learned about the eld F 9 in Section 8B, Exercise 7, where you showed by direct computation that 1+ihas order.
  5. Primitive Root. This gem will help you get Primitive Root and Euler totient function.These function will help us in areas like cryptography, number theory etc.. Installation. Add this line to your application's Gemfile
  6. Definition 3 (Primitive Root): A positive integer is called a of if , that is if for . Let's say, means is a primitive root . Example 3: since and for . Definition 4 (Quadratic Residue): is a of if. for some . Definition 5 (Legendre Symbol): is called the Legendre symbol for a prime . It is defined by: 2. Theorems & Lemmas . Theorem 6: If then for any prime . Remark: The converse is also.
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A primitive root of a number (but not necessarily the smallest primitive root for composite ) can be computed using the Mathematica routine NumberTheory`NumberTheoryFunctions`PrimitiveRoot[n]. If has a primitive root, then it has exactly of them (Burton 1989, p. 188) Congruences mod Primes, Order, Primitive Roots Continuation of Proof of Hensel's Lemma. By lemma, f(a + tp. j) ≡ f(a) + tp. j. f ' (a) (mod p. j+1) Now we want to have the right hand side ≡ 0 mod p. j+1. f(a) f(a) + tp. j. f ' (a) ≡ 0 mod p. j+1. ↔ tf ' (a) + ≡ 0 mod p p. j. this has a unique solution . f(a) 1. t ≡− mod p. p. j. Primitive Roots. We say that integer x, 0 < x < p, is a primitive root modulo odd prime p if and only if the set { (x i mod p) | 1 <= i <= p-1 } is equal to { 1 p-1 }. For example, the consecutive powers of 3 modulo 7 are 3, 2, 6, 4, 5, 1, and thus 3 is a primitive root modulo 7. Write a program which given any odd prime 3 <= p < 65536. Hence, primitive roots work much in the same way as logarithms do in $\mathbb{R}$, but they are much more interesting, since they are by no means trivial despite their usefulness. To appreciate primitive roots, it is good to know that before calculators people computed using logarithm tables. This is because all the basic operations are reduced to easier ones by taking logarithms, so one only.

If k is a primitive root of p=4m+1, then p-k is too. If k is a primitive root of p=4m+3, then p-k isn't, but has order 2m+1. - Jon Perry, Sep 07 2014; REFERENCES: M. Abramowitz and I. A. Stegun, eds., Handbook of Mathematical Functions, National Bureau of Standards Applied Math. Series 55, 1964 (and various reprintings), p. 864. T. M. Apostol, Introduction to Analytic Number Theory, Springer. 6 Primitive Roots and the Discrete Logarithm For further reading on the material in this subsection, consult Rosen 9.1. In section 3.2 we studied the problem of extending division to modular arithmetic. We noted that trying to nd b=ais equivalent to solving the equation ax= b, and so we worked on the congruence ax b mod m. In this section we will be applying a similar analysis to the logarithm.

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  2. contributed. Primitive. n th. n^\text {th} nth roots of unity are roots of unity whose multiplicative order is. n. n. n. They are the roots of the. n th. n^\text {th} nth cyclotomic polynomial, and are central in many branches of number theory, especially algebraic number theory
  3. Setting of lights. ( 2) $25.21. Add to Cart. Primitive Roots Conjure. Prosperity Community Light Setting. ( 5) $12.21
  4. HOMEWORK 9: PRIMITIVE ROOTS 1. (a) Show that 2 is a primitive root modulo 29. (b) Using (a) quickly find elements of order 2, 4, 7, and 14 in (Z/29Z) ×. 2. Find all the primitive roots modulo 17. Hint: by a theorem discussed in class, once you find one primitive root, g, then gk for k ∈ (Z/(p−1)Z)× are all the primitive roots modulo p. 3. Suppose m = pn where p is a prime and n ≥ 1.
  5. PRIMITIVE ROOT Nguyễn Thanh Trà K42 Trường THPT Chuyên ĐHSP HN thanhtra1239@yahoo.com Ngày 27 tháng - 123doc - thư viện trực tuyến, download tài liệu, tải tài liệu, sách, sách số, ebook, audio book, sách nói hàng đầu Việt Na
  6. Artin's primitive root conjecture states that for any integer a, neither 0, ±1 nor a perfect square, there exist infinitely many primes p such that a is a primitive root modulo p, or alternatively, such that a generates a multiplicative group inside Q* whose reduction modulo p has index 1 in (Z/pZ)*. This motivates the question how index and order of this reduction inside (Z/pZ)* are.

Primitive Root. A primitive root modulo m is a number g such that the smallest positive number k for which the difference gk — 1 is divisible by m—that is, for which gk is congruent to 1 modulo m—coincides with ɸ (m), where ɸ (m) is the number of positive integers less than m and relatively prime to m. For example, if m = 7, the number. Generating primitive roots modulo a prime is an funda-mental problem in number theory, with major applications in cryptography. Diffie-Hellman key establishment scheme [1], ElGamal public-key cryptosystem [2], Schnorr identification scheme [3] and Digital Signature Scheme [4] are only a few examples which rely on generating primitive roots or elements of a certain order. Finding quadratic. This MATLAB function returns a logical array containing 1 (true) for the corresponding elements of G that are primitive roots modulo N, and 0 (false) for the corresponding elements that are not primitive roots

Primitive Roots. A primitive root modulo a prime p p is an integer r r in Zp Z p such that every nonzero element of Zp Z p is a power of r r. 원시근 모듈로 소수 p p 는 Zp Z p 의 원소이며, 정수이다. Zp Z p 는 r r 의 거듭제곱으로 이루어진 0 이 아닌 정수들이다. 모든 소수 p p 에 대해 원시근 모듈로. #pragma once /** * @file primitive_root.hpp * @brief Primitive Root * @date 2020-12-28 */ #include src/utils/sfinae.hpp namespace workspace {/** * @brief Compile time primitive root. * * @tparam __mod Positive integer * @return Minimum positive one if it exists. Otherwise 0

In modular arithmetic, a number g is a primitive root modulo n, if every number m from 1..(n-1) can be expressed in the form of ().As an example, 3 is a primitive root modulo 7: All the elements , of the group modulo 7 can be expressed that way. The number 2 is no primitive root modulo 7, because = and = ( High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! In modular arithmetic, a branch of number theory, a primitive root modulo n is any number g with the property that any number coprime to n is congruent to a power of g Famous quotes containing the words root and/or primitive: The lack of money is the root of all evil. —Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835-1910) The mountainous region of the State of Maine stretches from near the White Mountains, northeasterly one hundred and sixty miles, to the head of the Aroostook River, and is about sixty miles wide Many translated example sentences containing primitive root - French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'primitive root' im Ungarisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,.

Primitive Root. version (1.09 KB) by Cavin Dsouza. Checks whether alpha is a primitive root of q or not. 3.0. 4 Ratings. dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'primitive root' im Portugiesisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,. dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'primitive root' im Polnisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,.

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  1. Each primitive root generates all the nonzero values mod p. Let v be a primitive root and multiply it by itself again and again. If v j = v k, then v is a k-j root of 1, and we know that doesn't happen until the exponent reaches p-1. The powers of v step through all the nonzero elements mod p, though the order is impossible to predict in advance. If s and p-1 are relatively prime then let t be.
  2. Primitive root of a prime number n is an integer r between[1, n-1] such that the values of r^x(mod n) where x is in range[0, n-2] are different. For example : 1)n : 7 Smallest primitive root = 3 Explanation: n = 7 3^0(mod 7) = 1 3^1(mod 7) = 3 3^2..
  3. 5 Primitive roots 5.1 The order of an integer De nition 5.1 (Order of an integer). Let m2N and a2Z be such that (a;m) = 1. The order of amodulo m, denoted by ord ma, is the least positive integer ksuch that (5.1) ak 1 mod m: In order for this de nition to make sense, there has to be at least one positive integer kfor which (5.1) holds. The existence of such a kis guaranteed by Euler's.
  4. Finding Other Primitive Roots (mod p) Suppose that we have a primitive root, g. For example, 2 is a primitive root of 59. Then it turns out for any integer relatively prime to 59-1, let's call it b, then $2^b (mod 59)$ is also a primitive root of 59. Example 1. Given that 2 is a primitive root of 59, find 17 other primitive roots of 59
  5. Primitive root of prime number N is an integer x lying between [1, n-1] such that all values of xk (mod n) where k lies in [0, n-2] are unique. Let's take an example to understand the problem, Input: 13 Output: 2. To solve this problem, we have to use mathematical function called Euler's Totient Function. Euler's Totient Function is the count of numbers from 1 to n which are relatively.
  6. 3 Primitive Roots, Indices and the Discrete Logarithm It is well-understood that exponential and logarithmic functions are mutual inverses when thought of as functions on the real numbers: y = gx ()x = log g y This is number theory, so we want to know if something similar can be said for integers, or more precisely within modular arithmetic. The first operation, taking powers, makes perfect.

The Order of an Integer Modulo n, Primitive Roots for Primes, and Composite Numbers Having Primitive Roots. Sections 8.1-8.3 in Elementary Number Theory, 4th ed. Dubuque, IA: William C. Brown Publishers, pp. 184-205, 1989. [From Jonathan Vos Post, Sep 10 2010] Share. Improve this answer. Follow answered May 30 '13 at 22:16. Michael Michael. 111 6 6 bronze badges $\endgroup$ 7. Primitive roots, by de nition, have p 1 distinct powers (all the units modulo p), and so this contradicts our assumption that gis a primitive root modulo p. Thus t= 0 and n 0 (mod p n1). Conversely, if n= (p 1)sthen g gp 1 s 1s 1 (mod p). For the second part, the rst condition is equivalent to gj k 1 (mod p) by multiplying by g . The second condition is equivalent to j k 0 (mod p 1). Thus the. When we talk about primitive man, we're usually talking about cavemen and other people who existed before the advent of table manners, but if your uncle speaks grunts and chews with his mouth open, you could describe him as primitive too List1 is arraylist of arraylists .I have a sublist [1,2,....,prim-1] and List1 contains all permutations of sublist.It not empty.a is primitive root of prime number. - Sheila D Feb 1 '13 at 9:20 Add a comment 原根有什么用处?为什么要叫Primitive Root呢? 到底哪里提现了Primitive? 哪些数有原根呢? 显示全部 . 关注者. 32. 被浏览. 9,060. 关注问题 写回答. 邀请回答. 好问题. 添加评论. 分享. . 3 个回答. 默认排序. 知乎用户. 10 人 赞同了该回答. 原根的定义要从整数的阶说起. 如果整数 满足 ,那么根据欧拉定理.

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Section10.4 Prime Numbers Have Primitive Roots. . We use many of the same techniques and ideas in by proving that every prime number p p has a primitive root. Let's check that this claim is true for at least some primes. xxxxxxxxxx. 1. L=[ (p,primitive_root(p)) for p in prime_range(100)] 2. for item in L Primitive Root Calculation Select a prime number p and a number g (where g is your estimation of the primitive root of your prime number p). You may leave blank the g to calculate all of them Primitive Roots The name primitive root applies to a number a whose powers can be used to represent a reduced residue system modulo n. Primitive roots are there-fore generators in that sense, and their properties will be very instrumental in subsequent developments of the theory of congruences, especially where exponentiation is involved. 5.1 Orders and Primitive Roots With gcd(a,n) = 1, we. The primitive roots modulo n exist if and only if n = 1, 2, 4, p k, or 2 p k, where p is an odd prime and k is a positive integer. For example, the integer 2 is a primitive root modulo 5 because 2 k ≡ a ( mod 5 ) is satisfied for every integer a that is coprime to 5

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  1. Notes on primitive roots We showed in class that if pis prime, then there exist primitive roots mod p. For odd primes p, we will now show that there exist primitive roots modulo pk and 2pk for all k≥ 1. Theorem 1. Let pbe an odd prime. (a) If gis a primitive root mod p, then either gor g+pis a primitive root mod p2
  2. Primitive root of a prime number n is an integer r between[1, n-1] such that the values of r^x(mod n) where x is in range[0, n-2] are different. Return -1 if n is a non-prime number. Examples: Input : 7 Output : Smallest primitive root = 3 Explanation: n = 7 3^0(mod 7) = 1 3^1(mod 7) = 3 3^2(mod 7) = 2 3^3(mod 7) = 6 3^4(mod 7) = 4 3^5(mod 7.
  3. Primitive Root 概要 modulo \(n\) における原始根 (primitive root) を求める 実装 def euler_phi(n): res = n x..
  4. (primitive) nthroot of unity. There are obvious and boring inclusions, since if is a primitive mnthroot of unity, then mis a primitive nthroot of unity. That is, we have Q (primitive nthroot of unity) ˆQ (primitive mnthroot of unity) In any case, by the multiplicativity of eld extension degrees in towers, for a primitive nth root of unity , give
  5. Root Of Unity - Examples... is valid for all real x and integers n, is Setting x = 2π/n gives a primitive nth root of unity but for k = 1, 2.. shows that on the complex plane the nth roots of unity are at the vertices of a regular n-sided polygon inscribed in the unit circle, with one vertex at 1 field and cyclotomic polynomial it is from the Greek roots cyclo (circle) plus tomos.
  6. Primitive Roots: Primitive Roots (In General) Primitive Roots in Finite Fields Primitive Roots in Z=mZ This material represents x4.3.3 from the course notes. Primitive Roots, I The goal of this lecture is to discuss primitive roots in arbitrary rings, and to characterize the values of m for which there exists a primitive root modulo m. De nition If R is a commutative ring with 1 having nitely.

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I am writing a program to find the primitive root. In the lecture we have given that x is a primitive root in F_p, where p a prime number, if x^((p-1)/pi) is not 1. (With pi the prime factors of p-1). So here my programm: p = 468889 R = IntegerModRing(p) factor(p-1) #gives: p-1 = 2^3 * 3 * 7 * 2791 list = [2,3,7,2791] c=True (I changed the for loop:) for x in range(1,p): for pi in list: a = (p. We saw in Proposition 10.3.2 that powers of two (past 4) do not have primitive roots, but \(U_{2^k}\) does have lots of elements with the next smallest possible order. So, for example, for \(n=32\) we can look at whether powers \(b\) coprime to that order (\(8\)) of such an element are in fact also elements with the same order. The interact confirms that this is true; in fact Lemma 10.3.4. Moved Permanently. The document has moved here Translations in context of primitive root in English-French from Reverso Context: using the primitive root q of a prime number p uses p p-dimensional vectors Since it has a Fibonacci primitive root (3 3 3) it should be included in the answer too. The next step would be to check if either of the two solutions above are primitive roots. For that of course, we first need to calculate the solutions. This requires calculating the square root of 5 5 5 modulo the prime p. p. p. If p p p is 3 3 3 modulo 4 4 4 then this is easy as for such p p p we have. 5.

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For 2 and 10 the density of primitive roots is A, the Artin constant itself. R. K. Guy writes (Oct 20 2004): MR 2004j:11141 speaks of the unearthing by Lenstra & Stevenhagen of correspondence concerning the density of this sequence between the Lehmers & Artin. Also called long period primes, long primes or maximal period primes. The base 10 cyclic numbers A180340, (b^(p-1) - 1) / p, with b. primitive root (mod p). Indeed, we have the following Theorem. For every prime number p, there exists a primitive root (mod p). (We will comment on the proof at the end of the article.) As a consequence, if x is a primitive root (mod p), then 1, x, x2, , xp−2 (mod p) are distinct and they form a permutation of 1, 2, , p−1 (mod p. Große Jaspis Anhänger mit Samenperlen, Muscheln, grüne und braune Stoffe Übersetzung für 'primitive root of unity' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen Primitive Roots Appalachian Conjure. Gefällt 13.996 Mal · 1.877 Personen sprechen darüber. Provider of Spiritual Supplies & Services with 31+ years experience. Handmade conjure oils, powders, cologne..

Gauss observed that if a primitive Template:Mvarth root of unity can be expressed using only square roots, then it is possible to construct the regular Template:Mvar-gon using only ruler and compass, and that if the root of unity requires third or fourth or higher radicals the regular polygon cannot be constructed. The 7th roots of unity are the first that require cube roots. Note that the. Example sentences with primitive root, translation memory. add example. en As you can see, humankind has come a long way from its primitive roots. OpenSubtitles2018.v3. hr Vidite, ljudski je rod daleko dogurao od svojih primitivnih korijena. en The double rooted lower premolar and primitive wrist morphology can be explained in this way as well. WikiMatrix. hr Donji pretkutnjak s dvostrukim. Primitive Roots Appalachian Conjure. Gefällt 13.902 Mal · 2.444 Personen sprechen darüber. Provider of Spiritual Supplies & Services with 31+ years experience. Handmade conjure oils, powders, cologne.. dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'primitive root' im Latein-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,.

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Primitive Roots of Unity In analyzing whether a root of unity is expressible as a radical, it is valuable to leverage the idea of a primitive root of unity. This root of unity has the following properties: (1) The primitive n-th root of unity only equals 1 when it is raised to a power that is a multiple of n dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'primitive root' im Niederländisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,. For Which Values Of A (in Terms Of The Primitive Root G) Does The Equation ? = A (mod N) Have Solutions? If Innr. This question hasn't been answered yet Ask an expert. Show transcribed image text. Expert Answer . Previous question Next question Transcribed Image Text from this Question. 8. Suppose n has a primitive root g. For which values of a (in terms of the primitive root g) does the.

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